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Smith Machine

Model : SF-202
Main Frame : Rectangular Steel Tube
Balance : Counter Balance
Handle : Round Steel With Silicone Grip
Length : 57 inches
Width : 72 inches
Height : 92 inches


Most likely, you know the importance of working out, but maybe you didn’t realize it’s just as critical that you choose the right exercise equipment that best fits your workout needs.  Two of the most common types of gym equipment are Smith Machine and free-weight power racks.  Although they look alike and are both used for doing squats, shoulder presses, bench presses and other exercises, they’re not quite the same.  Both have advantages and disadvantages.  Here are some of the pros and cons of Smith machines and free weight power racks, along with their basic differences.



A Smith machine is designed for controlled barbell strength training.  This exercise equipment consists of a barbell with weights that are secured between two steel rails, which allows for only vertical movements.  However, there are some newer models that allow for a small amount of horizontal movement.  The Smith machine can be used for several types of exercises but is mainly used for doing squats and presses.



The Smith machine offers several advantages:

  • Provides stabilized weight — Many smith machines include a self-balancing barbell.  Equipped with guide rods, you don’t have to worry about balancing the barbell.  As a result, you can devote all your attention on lifting the weight.  The bar moves smoothly along a fixed vertical plane.  In other words, it won’t move sideways, or fall forward or backward.
  • Is safe — Smith press bar catches lessen the need for a spotter while performing heavy plate loaded exercises.  You can hook the barbell into several slots on the frame so that it won’t be dropped.   If you do get into trouble, just twist the bar and it hooks onto the frame.
  • Benefits all major muscle groups — Versatility is another benefit as the Smith machine can be used for a wide range of exercises. In fact, it can be used to work every major muscle group.
  • Promotes good posture — When doing exercises, the rails, along with the weights securing the machine in place, help you move properly, so you maintain good form.
  • Is suited for both beginners and experienced users — Although the Smith machine is generally the preferred choice for beginners, it’s also ideal for people with advanced fitness skills.



  • The bar won’t deviate from its fixed, vertical path.
  • Some users find the fixed bar path to be uncomfortable.
  • There are some exercises that can’t be done safely, so it’s not as versatile as a power rack.
  • It’s hard to remove the barbell.


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