shine fitness equipments


  • Ideal For : Unisex
  • Dimension : 1380 X 1340 X 1370 mm
  • Product Weight  : 310 Kg
  • Weight Stack  : 91 Kg


The back-pad adjustment and extended hand grips are designed to improve the convenience of changing your position from the seat. With the uniquely designed hand grips, it is easy to adjust and hold while you are focusing on training your lower body. Safety is our priority. The dual rail protection wheel equipped in this machine makes sure that you would not be injured from broken wires when you are on the machine. Find the comfort on your seat. The gas-assisted seat adjustments is designed to match users of different body shapes and make sure every user can easily start with their most comfortable positions. The enhanced hand grips set on both sides of the seat, which is accessible for all users. And its high strength structure also helps increase the durability of the product.


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