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  • Model : SF-009
  • Main Frame : Rectangular Steel Tube
  • Cushion : Made Of PU Material
  • Pulley : Plastic
  • Handle : Round Steel With Silicone Grip
  • Seat : Self Adjustable
  • Weight Plate : MS Bar
  • Weight Stack : 80/100 kg
  • Max User Weight : 150 kg
  • Length : 57 inches
  • Width : 42 inches
  • Height : 56 inches


The leg extension targets the quadriceps, the large muscles of the front of the thigh. This is an “open chain kinetic” exercise, which is different from a “closed chain kinetic exercise,” such as a squat. The difference is that in the squat, the body part you’re exercising is anchored (feet on the ground), while in the leg extension, you’re moving the padded bar, which means your legs aren’t stationary as they work, and thus the chain of movement is open in the leg extension.The quads are well-developed in cycling, but if your cardio is running or walking, you mainly exercise the hamstrings at the back of the thigh. In this case, you may want to develop the quads to be more in balance. Building your quads can also increase the force of kicking movements, which can be beneficial in sports such as soccer or martial arts.


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