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  • Model : SF-032
  • Main Frame : Rectangular Steel Tube
  • Cushion : Made Of PU Material
  • Pulley : Plastic
  • Handle : Round Steel With Silicone Grip
  • Seat : Self Adjustable
  • Weight Plate : MS Bar
  • Weight Stack : 80/100 kg
  • Max User Weight : 150 kg
  • Length : 68 inches
  • Width : 38 inches
  • Height : 58 inches


  • The Inner-Outer Thigh Machine with Weight Stack  is the best exercise machine for inner and outer thighs. Inner Outer Thigh Machine dual work out position different settings to work the abductor and adductor muscles.
  • The hip abduction and adduction is a machine that undergoes a slight modification to work the adductor muscle groups on your inner thighs and the abductor muscle groups on the outside of your hips. To work the abductors, place your legs inside the pads and pressoutward against them, working against the resistance.
  • Adjust the machine as necessary and position your legs on the outside of the pads. Press into the pads to draw your legs together to work your adductor muscles.
  • Each and every variety we offer makes it easy for members to quickly select their weight and exercise safely i na self-contained unit. The operation is intuitive, and our high-performance designs ensure that your members are getting the most out of every set, every rep and every moment they spend pursuing their fitness goal.


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