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Cable cross over

  • Model : SF-020
  • Main Frame : Rectangular Steel Tube
  • Handle : Round Steel With Silicone Grip
  • Seat : Self Adjustable
  • Weight Plate : MS Bar
  • Weight Stack : 80/100 kg
  • Length : 141 inches
  • Width : 25 inches
  • Height : 90 inches


Multi-functional resistance

If it’s common belief that cables are only used for the chest, biceps and maybe specific muscles of the back, then the Technogym CABLE CROSSOVER will make you change your mind.
The two opposite Adjustable Pulleys grant an incredible variety of exercises for both the upper and lower parts of the body – and even functional combinations of the two. Maintaining stability against resistance means the core muscles are challenged too, making this piece of equipment an all-round tool. Add the multi-angle pullup bar, and here you have one of the most flexible additions to your gym.
Still not enough? The connecting bridge can be fitted with supplementary suspension training accessories that will surprise users with limitless workout options.

Common mistake: Leaning too far forward

While the name may be confusing, “decline” isn’t referring to the position of your body but rather the angle that you move the weight. Too often, people lean or lunge too far forward during this move.

The fix

To decline the right way, grab the handles and pull the weights. Step into a staggered stance with front leg as an “angle indicator” for the weights, slight bend in elbows, chest lifted.

Squeeze shoulder blades together and open arms out to the sides at about chest level. Keep shoulders packed so arms aren’t flung back behind you.

Using your chest, pull the weights back down to starting position at the same angle as your forward leg. Continue to repeat.


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