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Adjustable Bench

  • Model : SF-102
  • Main Frame : Rectangular Steel Tube
  • Cushion : Made Of PU Material
  • Seat : Adjustable
  • Weight Plate : MS Bar
  • Max User Weight : 150 kg
  • Length : 61 inches
  • Width : 27 inches
  • Height : 18 inches


After researching over 100 weight benches, using over 50 of them, and legitimately testing 23 of them for bench press, dumbbell work, and other movements, we’ve determined that the Rep Fitness FB-5000 Competition Flat Bench is the best flat utility bench for most people and the Rep Fitness AB-5200 Adjustable Bench is the best adjustable bench for most people. It is rare for the same company to take two of the top spots.

There are four things in nearly every home gym: a barbell, squat rack, weight plates, and a weight bench. These are the essentials and because of this, each one of these categories has 1,000’s of different options to choose from. For weight benches in particular, there are adjustable benches, FID Benches, flat utility benches, and then a myriad of unique benches for certain movements. In order to distill all of the options that we’ve tested and reviewed over the years, this bench guide is here to give you our recommendations for the best weight benches at every price point and strength level.

The Rep Fitness FB-5000 Flat Bench is the best flat bench currently available for most people. We’ve done multiple in-depth reviews on the FB-5000 simply because we like it that much. Rep is absolutely dominating most other companies in terms of great value benches and this is their magnum opus. When you factor in the number of great features and detailed thought that went into to the FB-5000 and compare it to the price point as well as the price point of the competition,  it’s no wonder that this bench received over 80% of votes when we asked the Garage Gym Community what the “best flat bench for most people” was.


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