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10 easy bodybuilding exercises for beginners with home gym equipment

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10 easy bodybuilding exercises for beginners with home gym equipment

If you are here, I am sure that you have been searching for good and easy exercises to build up your body with your home gym equipment. But wait! For what? What do you want from this article? What are your goals? Will it match with your questions. Because there are two types of bodybuilders. 


One that wants to be a bodybuilder. Building up muscles with vigorous exercises. You have seen them on television, right? And some just want to build immunity and of course to look good and fit. Both of them set different rules and goals to achieve their dream body. But somehow choose gym machines for exercise.


Here, if you study the article might find what you are seeking. A short guide on the exercise you must include in your bodybuilding journey if you are a beginner. We the gym equipment manufacturers in India are always there to help you reach your goals with our product and support. So let us get into it.

Guide for the beginner: easy bodybuilding exercise

Here we will discuss the 10 easy exercises for beginners who want to build up their bodies. I hope these 10 exercises will help you achieve your goal. Bodybuilding goal is a long journey of commitments and harsh exercises. It can make you drained and exhausted, and that is where you get started again. 


10 easy bodybuilding gym machine exercises for beginners.


  • Build up your chest muscle press. The gym manufacturers best chest press gym machine helps to build the muscles of your chest. Do it in 3 sets. Then repeat 10 to 15 times. Have 60-90minutes of rest. Get yourself hydrated too.


  • Lat-pull down machine. Lat pulldown gym machines are best to build up your shoulder, biceps, tricep muscles strength. It is easy to exercise for a beginner. Do it in 3 sets. Reps of 10-15 and takes rests for 60 secs. The best quality lat pull-down exercise from a gym manufacturer near me lets you burn extra belly fat and strengthen your bicep muscles.


  • Shoulder press also refers to as military press. It is built by the gym manufacturer in Ahmedabad for muscle weight training. It works on your shoulder muscles and chest. Repeat the same set of 3 and reps of 15-20. Take 90 secs of rest. Hydrate yourself. Move on to the next.


  • The bench press gym machine is a good core muscle training exercise equipment. Lying flat on the bench, hold the barbell with both of your hands, Slightly wider in width. Now lose it and press it back. Do it in 7 sets. Repeat 6 times. Take 90 seconds rest. Get your best bench press from the leading fitness equipment manufacturers.


  • Dumbbell Overhead press is a weight training exercise for your triceps. Do this exercise by standing up. Hold your dumbbells(any weight you are comfortable with) and press them upwards over the head and lose it down to your shoulder. 3 rounds of sets. Repeat it 8 times.


  • Lateral Raise exercise builds up your core muscles works on your chest and stomach and waist. It is a full-body exercise. Perform your lateral raise by the gym equipment supplier’s high-quality dumbbells.


  • The seated row is a beneficial exercise for those who work sitting on desks all day. It helps to build up the posture. Work on your back, engage your biceps and rhomboids. Get the seated row from your favourite gym manufacturer near me.


  • Assisted Pull. Assisted Pull is an essential gym machine, get the best-assisted pull from the commercial gym equipment manufacturers Gujarat. The assisted pull helps you build the strength to pull weights. And it separates the weight equally throughout your body.


  • Smith Machine is an easy exercise machine from a gym equipment supplier near me. And it is the best exercise to build up your chest. Widened its width.


  • Tricep sit-ups are one of the best when you are a beginner at the gym. Repeat the same sets and repeat it 10-15 times. Take sufficient rest.

Take all the precautions when you are a beginner while doing any of these exercises. Bodybuilding is the best when you have the best equipment from your favourite gym product manufacturer in India, Shine fitness with you.

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